Video clips for web, tv or cinema use is one of the most popular productions we are asked to produce. With our studio facilities, in-house autocue, HD cameras, lighting and full capability edit suite we offer brilliant results for very inexpensive cost.

One of our speciality areas is on-line streaming. We have an extremely portable and inexpensive system which can allow sponsors ads to be broadcast during the live, graphics added on screen and even instant replay if its a sport orientated event.

Feature Film

glenpictures are now producing feature films. A Second Chance has been sold and exhibited world wide. Check out the feature film link above for all the details, trailer and new films coming.

Video Productions

On-Line Streaming is a video, film and photography production company with studio and offices at Edmund Street in Norwood, South Australia.

The facility incorporates a studio, post-production vision & sound suite, and offices. It is the base of talented director/producer & master photographer Clay Glen.

Other services

Check out the menu pages above for any area of interest, photography, TV commercials, corporate or facility hire including the studio or edit suite.